Nordex Awarded First Contract For N131/3000 In Finland


Launched last year, Nordex’s N131/3000 wind turbine is attracting growing demand outside Germany as well: Thus, Finnish asset management company Taaleritehdas has ordered the first models from this series. Accordingly, Nordex will be enlarging the “Myllykangas” wind farm with the addition of a further three turbines, namely two N131/3000 turbines and one N117/2400 turbine. The contract also includes premium service for a period of 12 years.

Installation work is to commence in the autumn following the completion of the current construction phase for 19 N117/2400 turbines. The wind farm is located in the north of Finland close to the town of Ii. In view of the prevailing cold conditions, the N131/3000 rotors will be fitted with an anti-icing system. Moreover, the turbines are designed to make the most of the local wind conditions and will achieve an above-average capacity factor of more than 40 percent.

“The low noise level of 104.5 dB and the high efficiency of the 3-MW turbine prompted us to enlarge the wind farm swiftly. Quiet turbines with large rotor offer a major advantage in Finland in particular,” says Taamir Fareed, Director of Renewable Energy Business at Taaleritehdas Private Equity Funds. Nordex has already installed or is currently installing three wind farms with a capacity of almost 90 MW for this customer.

— Source: Nordex