ONYX Insight, bp Wind Energy sign new deal


ONYX Insight has deepened its partnership with bp Wind Energy with deployment of its predictive maintenance technology across the operator’s U.S. onshore wind portfolio.
The latest long-term deal will see ONYX continue the delivery of engineering, technical, and analytics solutions to bp for the next five years, following a successful seven-year relationship.

ONYX and bp have signed a new five-year deal. (Courtesy: ONYX Insight)

The two companies have worked together since 2016, when ONYX first deployed its fleetMONITOR condition monitoring software across 242 of bp’s onshore turbines. In 2017, as a technology leader, bp was the first company to deploy ONYX’s ecoCMS advanced sensing at scale and will continue its use as part of the new deal. The technology is a unique blend of advanced sensing and analytics, delivering effective data that allows engineers to understand the health of their assets. With successful payback in under 12 months, bp adopted the project as its go-to technology for turbine predictive maintenance.

ONYX’s solution can be deployed across any make and model of asset, such as bp’s GE, Vestas, and Nordex sites, with nearly all the bp fleet using the technology. bp will also be adopting new technology with ONYX’s case management tools, enabling bp’s engineering and site teams to streamline their approach to all operations and realize even higher operational expenditure savings from predictive maintenance.

“By leveraging ONYX’s technology, we can better understand the life span of turbine components at our wind farms, improve maintenance schedules, reduce costs, and avoid breakdowns,” said Alistair Warwick, CEO bp Wind Energy. “This agreement helps bp Wind Energy remain a technology leader. It also supports our commitment to produce secure, affordable, lower-carbon energy while accelerating our net zero ambition.”

“We have been providing extensive engineering service to our key clients like bp Wind Energy, and, recently, more and more clients chose to sign a longer-term framework with us to streamline the procurement management process, and we can better manage the complex engineering issues across a large and diverse fleet more effectively and efficiently,” said Zhiwei Zhang, chief delivery officer, ONYX Insight.

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