Pacifico Energy Korea appoints K2M as owner’s engineer


K2 Management (K2M), an energy transition project management and engineering consultancy, has been selected as the Owner’s Engineer for the MyeongRyang Offshore Wind project, a venture led by Pacifico Energy Korea (PEK), subsidiary of American renewable energy developer Pacifico Energy.

The MyeongRyang Offshore Wind project is the first phase of a larger 3.2-GW offshore wind complex off the coast of Jindo-gun, Jeollanam-do, in South Korea. The MyeongRyang Offshore Wind project involves the construction of a fixed offshore wind farm with an installed generation capacity of approximately 420 MW. Set to commence construction in 2028, the wind farm is poised to play a pivotal role in South Korea’s target of installing 14.3 GW of offshore wind by 2030.

K2M will provide pre-construction analysis and technical support on the first 420-MW phase of the offshore wind complex in South Korea. (Courtesy: K2 Management)

K2 Management’s role as Owner’s Engineer for the MyeongRyang Offshore Wind project encompasses support in overall project management. This includes conducting wind analysis, met-ocean studies, conceptual designs, and preparing and selecting contractors for site investigation. K2M will continue to offer technical support throughout the site investigation process, as well as assistance in obtaining permits. Work began in December 2023, and K2M is expected to be actively involved until 2025.

“South Korea continues to build a strong offshore wind market, and the recent auctions last year are a positive reflection of the nation’s goals,” said Jake Jung, K2’s country director for South Korea. “We are incredibly proud to be able to contribute to that growth by supporting PEK in the first phase of their major 3.2-GW wind complex, a project that will play a crucial role in helping the country decarbonize. By leveraging our international consultants, local expertise and collaborating closely with PEK’s team, we are well-positioned to ensure the successful development of this project.”

“The MyeongRyang Offshore Wind project is a significant development that demonstrates the vast potential of offshore wind power in South Korea,” said Seoung-Ho Choe, representative director/CEO of PEK. “This marks our inaugural venture into offshore wind in the country, and one of the largest offshore wind projects in Korea, and we’re excited to initiate the first phase of this project. Drawing upon K2 Management’s expertise and extensive experience in global offshore wind projects, we are confident in ensuring its success.”

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