NOIA president praises Golden State Wind lease off California coast


National Ocean Industries Association President Erik Milito praised the wind lease sale off the coast of California to the offshore wind venture Golden State Wind.

Floating wind technology will be vital for the U.S. to meeting renewable energy goals, said NOIA president Erik Milito. (Courtesy: Ocean Winds)

“The California lease sale gives the U.S. a chance to lead the emerging floating wind sector. Floating wind technology in its early stages but it is an advanced technology that will lead to strong growth in the deployment of offshore wind,” Milito said. “The timely scaling and deployment of floating wind technology will be vital in meeting U.S. and global renewable energy goals. The U.S. stands well-positioned to develop our deepwater wind resources and become a global hub of floating wind innovation. Offshore wind is a national endeavor with substantial benefits to our energy, jobs, and investment outlook.”

“We are only at step one of U.S. floating wind leadership,” he said. “The success of American offshore wind depends on further collaboration among stakeholders. Specifically, continued engagement between BOEM, NOAA, the military, and other oceanic users will help ensure that sufficient flexibility is provided, investment is promoted, and project impediments are avoided.”

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