Siemens Gamesa launches next-gen turbine in India


Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy continues to lead the way in India, one of the largest onshore markets in the world, with the introduction of its next generation wind turbine, the SG 3.4-145. The new wind turbine is specifically designed and optimized for wind conditions in the country and has a clear objective to deliver the lowest possible levelized cost of energy (LCOE) with high reliability. The turbine is strongly positioned to cater to the needs of the auction market and aims to further drive the growth of wind power in India.

The SG 3.4-145 is 127.5 meters tall with a blade-tip height of 200 meters, which helps it to maximize wind potential at every site. (Courtesy: Siemens Gamesa)

“The Indian market is evolving fast, and so adapting to the new market dynamics is key to our success and long-term competitiveness,” said Alfonso Faubel, Siemens Gamesa Onshore CEO. “The SG 3.4-145 — an incremental innovation — is a step forward in that direction. The long-term fundamentals of the wind industry remain strong, and this new turbine means Siemens Gamesa is uniquely positioned to help our customers achieve their renewable energy goals, reinforce our leading position in the market and accelerate the cause for renewables.”

The new wind turbine is an extension of the Siemens Gamesa 3.X platform, of which the company has installed more than 3 GW globally and will be manufactured in its facilities in India starting in early 2021.