Ark-Plas Products, Inc.

Ark-Plas is an ISO 9001 registered manufacturer of miniature plastic fittings and tubing established in 1982.  Our motto “Expect Excellence” means that customer’s needs will be fulfilled from the moment of placing their order to the moment of receiving a quality product on time.

Our office and manufacturing facility is located at 165 Industry Lane in Flippin, AR.  All our products are manufactured, packaged, and shipped from this location.  Ark-Plas has been manufacturing products in Flippin, AR since the start of the business in 1982.

Ark-Plas manufactures over 5,000 different products for a wide range of industries including the wind industry, automotive, and automation, just to name a few.  We specialize in the manufacturing of plastic fittings, check valves, filters, quick disconnect luers, extruded tubing, extruded grommet, routing and protection accessories, screw covers, and quick bind hardware. Non-standard Materials and colors are available on a per-quotation basis. Please contact our Customer Service Department for more information.

Flexible Tubing
Ark-Plas Flexible Tubing is extruded to exacting standards, utilizing in-line, digital gauges to ensure repeatability and traceability with each run. Ark-Plas Flexible Tubing is available in multiple colors, and in the following materials:
–          Polyurethane, Ether based (85A or 90A)

–          Polyurethane, Ester Based (85A)

–          Coiled Polyurethane (85A)

–          PVC (68A or 90A)

–          Vyplas

–          Polypropylene (USP Class-VI)

–          Polyethylene

–          Nylon 11


Spiral Wrap
Ark-Plas Spiral Wrap is a very economical solution for many types of routing and bundling applications in industrial and commercial environments.  Spiral Wrap can be used on virtually any item with a diameter of 1/16” to 7”. Ark-Plas Spiral Wrap is available spooled or bagged in lengths from 25 feet up to 2,500 feet. In addition to the standard packaging methods, Ark-Plas Products, Inc. will also cut Spiral Wrap to customer specified lengths.

Material selection includes natural polyethylene, black UV resistant polyethylene, nylon, fire resistant polyethylene, brightly colored fluorescent polyethylene, and clear TPU.

Polyethylene natural Spiral Wrap is a light weight low cost material that is good for general indoor applications and is easy to install, either during production or after final assembly. Polyethylene is not affected by ordinary solvents and is resistant to abrasion.
Premium Barbed Fittings
Ark-Plas Premium Barbed Fittings are manufactured with critical-use applications in mind. Each fitting is molded using proprietary technology that allows for a barb with no parting line. This means the most crucial sealing point on each piece is entirely seamless, eliminating common molding imperfections such as vertical flash or mismatch. All standard Ark-Plas Premium Barbed Fittings are manufactured with the following key features:

–          100% virgin base material

–          100% Visually Inspected

–          Product Certification Available (by request)

–          No Parting Line on Barb

–          Distinctive, Easy to Grip Body

Other Products
Ark-Plas manufactures other products that include Commercial Grade Fittings, Luers, Stopcocks, Check Valves, Filters, Tube Routing Accessories, Spiral Wrap, Grommet and Cling Wrap, Fitting and Tubing Kits, Decorative Screw Covers, and Quick Bind Hardware.

In addition to our standard products, Ark-Plas provides distributors and OEM customers with assistance in developing economical solutions for their special requirements.  We utilize the latest technology in CAD with Solidworks® and tool fabrication is completed on sophisticated computer controlled steel cutting equipment.  This technology allows us to manufacture components to suit each customer’s specific needs.  Our capabilities include complete integration of engineering and design, prototype product design from an idea to the production of a part, in house tooling and fabrication, and a number of secondary operations for necessary product applications.

Ark-Plas is working every day to give our customers the best quality products at the greatest value possible.  Our knowledgeable sales department will help our customers meet specific product needs, as well as correct material requirements for specific applications.  We are very proud of the fact that everything manufactured, packaged, and shipped from Ark-Plas is made in the U.S.A.