FASTORQ is a pioneer in the hydraulic tools industry and preferred global provider of precision bolt installation and removal solutions. With foundation products like the SpinTORQ and ZipTENSIONER – each with models specifically designed to serve the wind turbine industry – FASTORQ delivers tools that are truly innovative, provide phenomenal speed and are built to meet the exacting demands of today’s precision torque and tension applications.FASTORQ designs, manufactures and sells precision-crafted tools that are easy to use and maintain. In addition, they provide some of the best bolting lubricants available, including the popular anti-galling FastLUBE AG.FASTORQ’s highly skilled team of engineers and bolting application experts deliver timely resolution to job site challenges of all sizes on land or sea. Our customers represent a wide range of industrial applications, including subsea construction; oil and natural gas exploration, drilling and services; petrochemical; refineries; power generation (fossil fuel, nuclear, wind turbine and hydro-electric); pipeline construction and maintenance; pulp and paper; mining; heavy equipment and aerospace.FASTORQ offers some of the most comprehensive warranty programs in the industry for its tools, including torque wrenches, stud tensioners, nut splitters, flange spreaders and auxiliary tools. FASTORQ products carry warranties ranging from one year for items such as power units to lifetime coverage for products such as ThinLINE torque wrenches. The warranty program also covers FASTORQ’s innovative ZipNut, ZipTENSIONER and ZipCONNECTOR tools. All warrantied tools come with free annual inspections, calibrations and a warranty extension program. The FASTORQ team excels at providing customized solutions and is the go-to resource for complex projects. The FASTORQ leadership is comprised of Mark Murphy, Harry Maynes and Bill Washington along with the recognized industry authority George Sturdevant.
For custom solutions, sales or more information, email us at or call 281-449-6466 (Global), 800-231-1075 (Toll-free US & Canada). Visit us online at, find us on Facebook at, find us on Twitter at