Avanti Wind Systems, Inc.


Avanti Wind Systems –
from Ladders to complete Tower Internals for Wind Turbines

Avanti was founded in 1885 as a ladder factory in a backyard downtown Denmark’s capital Copenhagen. Today, Avanti Wind Systems is the leading world market producer of any kind of safety systems and complete tower internals kits for wind turbines. Avanti has factories and offices in 10 countries all over the world.

The first production back in 1885 was wooden ladders and Avanti has been a pioneer in producing ladders manufactured from laminated wooden profiles. Today, Avanti still produces wooden ladders– but also a wide range of fiberglass and aluminum ladders. Avanti was one of the first subcontractors of aluminum ladder systems to the Wind Turbine Industry.

Today, the core business for Avanti Wind Systems is Innovation, development, production and installation of safety systems in wind turbines. Avanti has developed a complete product range for safe and quick ascent and descent in wind turbine towers such as service lifts, ladder systems with built-in safety rail, climb assistance and other personal safety equipment.

Avanti also produces entire tower internals sets for wind turbines being all internal mechanical and electrical parts in the wind turbine tower – from the big platforms to brackets and other smaller parts in aluminum or galvanized steel as well as electric cables, lighting and other electrics.

Avanti offers one-stop shopping for tower manufacturers across the world as the production is carried out in our own factories.