Nidec Avtron Automation

Nidec Avtron Automation Corporation

Nidec Avtron Automation brings systems and product expertise to the industrial automation market. We deliver value to our customers through automation solutions that thrive in heavy industrial applications where uptime and throughput are critical. At Nidec-Avtron, we manufacture AC, DC and SR drive systems, a complete encoder product line from light mill duty to severe duty applications, including ATEX approved encoders for hazardous environments, and diagnostic and productivity software. In addition to selling highly reliable component products, we specialize in optimizing system performance and increasing customer productivity and profitability. The key markets Nidec-Avtron serves include: Cranes, Pulp/Paper, Mining, Metals, Marine, Oil and Gas, and Windpower.

Service and Support are cornerstones of our automation business. At Nidec-Avtron, we support our products for extended life in capital intensive industries, which makes us a smart choice as an automation partner. Our ability to create custom solutions for your system and fulfill your needs distinguishes us from other automation vendors. Nidec-Avtron pioneered the ‘digital front end’ retrofit of analog DC drives with digital regulators to improve performance, reduce downtime and increase machine life. We provide interfaces and upgrade paths for competitors’ legacy systems, and design complete new control systems as well. Nidec-Avtron provides startup and commissioning services for all of our products and we support our customers with service contracts, a 24-hour support line, remote machine monitoring, training, internet storage of documentation, and a variety of engineering service related offerings.

Business/Quality System Certifications
Nidec-Avtron’s Business Management System is certified to ISO 9001, the International Standard for Quality Management Systems; ATEX (94/9/EC Directive & EN13980) and IECEx (OD-005-1) applicable to select encoder products. The scope of our certification includes the design, development, manufacture and service of digital control systems including: electrical AC, DC and SR drives and encoder products.

Since its inception in 1953, Nidec-Avtron’s foundation has been firmly rooted in its commitment to quality. Nidec-Avtron originally achieved certification to ISO 9000 in 1996 and since that time we have expanded the scope of our system while successfully maintaining our certification. Our comprehensive Business Management System incorporates or exceeds all imposed requirements and provides guidance and direction for Nidec-Avtron employees in support of our organizational commitment to quality, customer satisfaction, and continual improvement. Lean initiatives on the manufacturing floor and within the office environment have been integrated into our culture resulting in both value and assured quality for our customers.

ISO 9001 Certificate

ATEX Product Quality Assurance Notice (PQAN)

IECEx Quality Assessment Report (QAR)

Founding of Nidec Avtron Automation Corporation

On October 1, 2012, Avtron Industrial Automation was acquired by Nidec (NYSE: NJ), and renamed Nidec Avtron Automation Corporation. Nidec is a global manufacturer of motors and electrical controls systems. With over 50 years of heavy industry experience, Nidec Avtron Automation will play an important role in Nidec’s ACIM (Appliance, Commercial, and Industrial Motor) business growth in the Americas. Nidec Avtron Automation will continue to brand its encoders and drive products with the Avtron Industrial Automation logo.