Baron USA

About Baron:

Since 1975, Baron USA has been manufacturing equipment for major utilities, manufactures and contractors throughout the world. Our core strengths include:

  • Baron USA evaluates existing processes and has a track record of providing innovative solutions to reduce processing time and improve the excellence and reliability of our customer’s oil-filled devices.
  • Baron provides assistance in the planning for oil purification equipment; oil handling to and in the production floor; oil storage to preserve purity; and vacuum systems for evacuation and drying; in your expansion project or new manufacturing facility.
  • Baron USA products include stationary and mobile vacuum oil purifiers, fuller earth and filtration systems for transformers, oil filled breakers, tap changers and other dielectric oil-filled devices.
  • Baron USA provides parts, service, training, and upgrading of existing Baron and non-Baron systems.

Baron High Vacuum Dielectric Liquid (BA-WF) Purifiers

Wind farm pad mount transformers are susceptible the effects of insulating liquid degradation through the accumulation of moisture, gases and particulate produced and introduced through their normal operation.

These contaminants not only reduce the dielectric strength of the liquid, they also contribute to the breakdown of the liquid and solid insulation. This results in a shortened life for the transformer.

Some wind farm pad mounts are also susceptible to combustible gas generation in the insulating liquid. Regular vacuum purification removes all dissolved gases returning total gas content to <0.25%.

Baron WF series processors are designed to process and maximize dielectric strength in electrical insulating liquids – including mineral oil, natural esters, synthetic esters, silicone oil and LFH’s (less flammable hydrocarbons) – used in transformers, tap changers, circuit breakers, and other oil-filled electrical devices.

Contaminants removed:

CLASS II LIQUIDS: Contain excessive particulate, moisture, and dissolved gases. A basic high vacuum purifier will remove all three of these and return the oil to within specification.

CLASS III LIQUIDS: Contain products of oxidation like acids and sludge that affect neutralization number, color, interfacial tension and power factor.  If these are present, the addition of an optional fullers earth reclamation system is necessary for their removal.

System flow rates: 150, 300 or 600 USgph are available; all are fully adjustable from zero to maximum by simply adjusting the outlet valve. The 600 USgph system is the most commonly applied. All sizes are provided with an onboard generator to power the unit such that only oil connections to the transformer need to be made to begin processing.

Vacuum pumping system: As standard, is sized for multi-pass flipping of the oil in the transformer tank to achieve the desired moisture and gas levels. Vacuum packages suitable for combined oil processing and transformer evacuation are also available.

Portability: Every system flow is provided in a high-quality bumper pull trailer with rear and curbside doors. The integral generator is installed through the nose of the trailer with the purifier in the rear.

Accessories: Hose reels, ppm moisture-in-oil monitors, and or onboard oil storage for temporary oil holding are available. In addition, the standard oil-sealed 2-stage vane vacuum pump can be upgraded to a low-maintenance, high performance dry screw pump.