Baron USA

About Baron USA

Baron USA Inc. is veteran owned Tennessee-based firm founded in 1975. We design and manufacture state-of-the-art purification and impregnation systems in our 21,000-plus square-foot factory. Baron has manufactured equipment for major utilities throughout the world and most major U.S. original equipment manufacturers, including ABB, CG Canada, Cooper Power, Delta Star, GE, Howard Industries, Siemens, Southwest and Waukesha/SPX.

Our wind farm series systems can be found worldwide including our most recent at Desert Sky and Whites Creek Farm. Baron has evaluated existing processes and provided innovative solutions that have not only reduced processing time, but also improved the quality of the end product.

Solutions for Total and Combustible Gas Buildup

The Problem:

Wind farm pad mount transformers generate large amounts of combustible gasses in their normal operation. If these gas levels are left untreated or ignored and allowed to increase, a catastrophic explosion could result.

The choice for operators or producers is to remove the transformer from service and to drain and replace the oil. This is not only expensive in terms of power production but in maintenance and operating costs as well. Changing the oil in the transformer is expensive. 

What if there was a way to keep the combustible gasses at acceptable levels that would allow the transformer to remain in service?

The Solution:

The Baron Wind Farm Series processors are specifically designed to work on Wind Farm Transformers to allow the transformer to remain in service. The system can work with the transformer on-line or off-line and will reduce the combustible gas levels to a point that allows the transformer to remain in operation.


In order to reduce or eliminate turbine and hydraulic oil system change-outs, the BA-FPS-WF-75H system is designed to process new and in service turbine and hydraulic fluids to remove moisture, particulate, and dissolved gasses.  Maintaining oil quality with the Baron FPS WF system helps to increase oil life, improve equipment performance, reduce disposal and replacement cost.

No need to hoist up buckets of oil or long hoses to use a conventional flush and fill system. The BARON BA-FPS-WF-75 has two oil hoses, inlet and outlet that can be connected to the fluid loop or have the hoses dropped into the oil reservoir. The fluid is maintained by periodic processing so there is no need to change it out. Another advantage of processing the fluid in place is that it also cleans out the entire system. Degassing improves performance and reduces oxidation and sludging.