MARET Center Crowder College

Have you considered a career where you can work outside and enjoy the change of seasons instead of being stuck behind a desk or limited to only one view all day long? If you’ve been considering such a change, then the Wind Industry may be exactly what you’re wishing for. This industry offers the individual a career in utilizing hands-on skills coupled with specialized technical training and a developed sense of technical problem solving.

This career is in high demand the world over with both land -based and off-shore operations. Should you choose to travel, you can find wind turbines operating in more than 160 countries around the globe. If your interest is more focused here at home, you can still find numerous opportunities. There are thousands of standing turbines working throughout the United States located at wind farms from one end of this country to the other.

Our instruction here at the MARET Center located on the campus of Crowder College in Neosho, Missouri, will offer you the opportunity to operate and maintain a working turbine as part of your learning experience and wind energy education. Your courses of study will include electronics and electrical systems equipment. Coupled with this, you will be learning about hydraulics, pneumatics, PLC’s and computer controls. At the heart of this, you will study the specific functions and operations of modern utility-scale wind turbines operated at hundreds of wind farms across the nation.

At our facility we will emphasize safety first and all of the necessary concerns that will be needed to successfully enter the wind industry. We will encourage and train you in every reasonable measure to practice these skills and realize their extreme importance for a long and satisfying career. You will be trained in tower access and expected to go up-tower for inspections, repair and general maintenance under the supervision of trained and experienced professionals. You will be trained in OSHA rules and regulations, working at height, CPR, First Aid and AED.

Examples of different courses that will be taken throughout your experience here at the MARET Center will be such class material as:
• Introduction to Wind Principles
• Wind Turbine Troubleshooting and Repair
• Hytorc Bolting and Tensioning
• DC and AC Circuits
• Programmable Logic Controllers and Computer Applications

What does this mean? The variety of courses studied here at Crowder College will enable you to seek a wide range of opportunities, not only in the wind field but several other related fields in the utility industry as well. It might surprise you to know that many well-known corporations worldwide are involved in this industry such as G.E., Siemens, Shell, BP, Westinghouse, Mitsubishi, just to name a few.

We believe that this program has a great deal of appeal, and we would be extremely pleased to have the opportunity to help you realize one of the best career decisions you’ll ever make. Come join us at Crowder College and see the bright future that lay just ahead of you.