Crowder College

Crowder College
Crowder College is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, a commission of the North Central Association. Specifics about Crowder’s current accreditation can be accessed at the Higher Learning Commission website or by clicking on the HLC link to the left.

Crowder College is also affiliated with the Missouri Department of Higher Education and seeks approvals through the Coordinating Board of Higher Education. Information can be accessed on the Missouri Department of Higher Education website at

Quick Facts:

2-year state community college
Approximately 5,845 students enrolled at Crowder College in the Fall 2013.
Offers Associate of Arts, Associate of Science, Associate of Applied Science degrees in addition to many Certificates.
Approximately 200 students live on campus.
State-of-the-art YMCA facility within easy walking distance.
Mission and Vision

Crowder College: Building a civil, serving, literate, learning community of responsible citizens.


As a college family, Crowder is continuously engaged in:

Caring: Honoring the inherent worth of each individual

The Pursuit of Learning: Putting into practice the best that is known about how people learn.

Fostering Creativity and Innovation: Exploring new ideas, trying new approaches, encouraging calculated risks when the potential results merit risk.

Ethical Behavior: Demonstrating through personal action that people should relate to each other ethically.

Collaboration: Ensuring that every person in the organization shares in shaping the college’s future.

Serving Others: Helping each person become freer, wiser, and better able to serve.

Board of Trustees
Andy Wood, President, Neosho
Vickie Barnes, Treasurer, Neosho
Rick Butler, Vice President, Neosho
Diane Andris, Neosho
Al Chapman, Ph.D., Secretary, Anderson
Larry Vancuren, Southwest City

Organization Chart

Executive Officers
Dr. Jennifer Methvin, President
Amy Rand, Vice President of Finance
Dr. Glenn Coltharp, Vice President of Academic Affairs
Tiffany Slinkard, Vice President of Student Affairs

An Introduction to Crowder College

IT is our mission and purpose to serve the needs of people by actualizing each person who chooses Crowder College in terms of his or her self-worth and ability to function in society as a responsible citizen.

WE believe that access and quality are compatible; and that both can be more fully realized through a proactive stance seeking to make the public aware of and interested in opportunities available.

WE believe in strong ties and relationships between the college and other educational institutions, both secondary and post-secondary, the community, and the businesses and organizations that support our community.

WE view the college as having an active role in economic and social development through continuing education and customized training, directed toward improving work skills and productivity, creating a more desirable work and social environment, and adding to the general quality of life within the region.

IN each course and program, all endeavors will be concerned about and committed to the development of each individual’s ability to master the content of offerings, make ethical decisions, develop analytical skills, cultivate physical health and well-being, develop self-worth and learn the value of working together and serving others.

THE college recognizes a two-fold responsibility in its commitment to student growth and development. The first is to assist in acquiring the skills and awareness needed to function as productive and responsible citizens. The second is to evaluate this progress so that both the student and the institution are able to measure the growth.

Philosophy and Policy on Values and Rights
It is the policy of Crowder College to convey certain fundamental values, insofar as possible, to all those enrolled as students. Emphasis, in all course work, extra-curricular activities and social contact, is given to developing a growing awareness in the individual of the importance of integrity, lawfulness and other characteristics of maturity, such as respect for the rights of others as individuals and the value of work and productivity in the lives of everyone. This policy takes recognition of economic self-reliance as a cherished priority. It strongly embraces character building as a proper function of education. The sanctity of the family is to be encouraged as we recognize the family as a cornerstone of a healthy society. Reference is made to the Northwest Ordinance of 1787 which led to the establishment of land grant colleges which states, religion, morality, and knowledge, being necessary to good government and the happiness of mankind, schools and the means of education shall be forever encouraged.ö This policy in no way takes away from the established goal of competency in and mastery of course content in all offerings at Crowder College. We the undersigned members of the board of trustees of Crowder College, hereby reaffirm this policy for continued implementation by the administration and faculty of Crowder College.