For 150 years, Eickhoff has been engineering and manufacturing the world’s highest quality gearing used in several industries. Using innovative and proprietary technologies, our gearing and gear components, from foundry castings to machining to heat treatment, are subject to stringent testing procedures within our ISO certified facility. For over 20 years we have operated a division dedicated to wind power gearbox design, production and service, providing extremely low noise emission gearboxes to the wind turbine market in Europe and North America. A new plant specifically for manufacturing wind turbine gearboxes with

higher MW ratings began operating five years ago.



• Up-Tower Services including condition assessment by

  •     – visual inspection
  •     – boroscope inspection
  •     – structure borne sound measurement (portable or stationary) using E-GOMS (Eickhoff Gearbox Online Monitoring System)
  •     – high speed shaft, bearing and gear replacement
  •     – cable tube replacement

•  Gearbox O&M training and seminars from a global leader in

    gearbox engineering, manufacturing and service.

•  Workshop Services include complete engineering and engineering

    upgrades. Dismantling and refurbishing or replacement of all

    necessary components, reassembly and full load testing are

    all performed by highly trained and experienced technicians.

Gear Up with Eickhoff!