Firetrace International

Firetrace International has more than 150,000 automatic fire suppression systems installed world-wide protecting critical equipment.

Firetrace offers a fire protection solution to overcome the difficulties of a traditional fire protection system in the wind industry. In the nacelle and lower tower there are specific areas which may be prone to fire including:

• Control Cabinet
• Converter Cabinet
• Hydraulic Station
• Transformer
• Brake
• Capacitor Cabinet

Firetrace protects these areas with targeted fire suppression solutions. As these areas are considered micro-environments within the larger nacelle or tower, much smaller amounts of agent are required, resulting in systems that add a few pounds, minimal space requirements, and safety for equipment and staff if present during discharge.

Firetrace is a totally self-contained fire detection and suppression system. It requires no electricity to operate and offers automatic 24/7 protection. The proprietary red Firetrace Detection Tubing is the key to detecting fires where they start. By routing the tubing through the areas to be protected, Firetrace’s detection can get right to the source of the fire. Firetrace tubing is immune to the dirt, temperature extremes, vibration and shocks associated with wind turbines. When the tubing is exposed to the heat and radiant energy from a fire, the tubing bursts and delivers the fire suppressing agent directly to the source of the fire. Firetrace can also be integrated with system controls to activate an alarm and initialize the turbine’s shut down.

Why choose Firetrace:

• Protects multiple critical enclosures with one system
•  Requires no electricity offering uninterrupted service 24/7
• Allows for inexpensive installation maintenance and recharge on new or existing wind turbines
• Initiates shut down and/or sends an alert to monitoring system
• Eliminates false alarm
• Provides immediate detection and delivery of agent at the heart of the fire