ITH Bolting Technology

Tension and torque tools to tighten and loosen industrial bolted connections

ITH Bolting Technology develops, produces and distributes hydraulic, electric and pneumatic bolting tools for tightening and loosening industrial bolt connections from M16 (5/8″) and up. High pressure hydraulic pumps, hydraulic accessories and testing and control systems complete our scope to be the leading whole system supplier for bolting technology worldwide.

Industrial bolting tools can be set apart by their fundamental bolting method: there are tensioning and torquing tools.

Tensioning tools:
Hydraulic, friction- and torsion-free tensioning with ITH Bolt Tensioning Cylinders (Bolt tensioners, ITH Stretch Method) and hydraulic nuts.
Torque tools:
Torque or torque-angle method with ITH Hydraulic Torque Wrenches (turning discontinuously) or ITH Nut Runners (turning continously).

Get a general idea about our scope of bolting tools and contact us if you have any questions regarding your individual bolted joint. As we are a whole system supplier we are not determined on any specific tightening method – we will advise you objectively to give you the best technical and cost-effective solution.

ITH Engineering

The Engineering section is the competence center of ITH Bolting Technology. It is dedicated to new technical developments in bolting technology. Unique ITH engineering capabilities are used to develop new technical solutions for bolting tools and corresponding accessories, for fasteners, or for individual customer solutions. ITH Engineering contains three sections:

Project Engineering: developing and implementing industry or customer specific solutions in bolting technology
Engineering services: for example designing bolted joints, long term testing of components, Finite Element Calculation and more.
Research and development: Around 200 international patents prove ITH’s unique innovative capabilities in bolting technology. Productive cooperation with leading technical institutions promote the innovation process.

Our business partners (including numerous branch and industry leaders worldwide) trust in the technical know-how of ITH Bolting Technology. Contact us – we would be pleased to give you a free consultation regarding your bolted joint or your application.

ITH Fasteners: Bolts, nuts and washers

As a worldwide leading whole system supplier in bolting technology, ITH offers a wide range of fasteners. The scope of fastener supply includes bolts, nuts, and washers in different designs and configurations.

Designing bolted joints
Bolted joints can be designed by ITH. Being a whole system supplier ITH has the capabilities to consider more than only the joint itself during the design process:

Technical specifications
Bolting method (torque or tension)
Assembly restrictions

By considering the whole picture and with experienced know-how, ITH Bolting Technology designs technically efficient bolted joints. Technical specifications, bolting tools used, and the assembly restrictions are considered to create the best technical and cost-effective solution for customers.

ITH Services

Due to the internal ITH quality guideline goal “ITH customer focus”, all company activity and organization is focused on customer demands. ITH aspires to offer business partners the best possible services – fast and reliably.