PSI Repair Services, Inc.

PSI will upgrade your troublesome turbine parts with newer, more reliable, longer-lasting technology.

As the leading independent service provider (ISP) in the wind energy industry, PSI Repair Services offers wind turbine component repair and upgrade services for GE, Vestas, Siemens and Clipper turbines. We cover the critical electronic, hydraulic and precision mechanical components that drive your turbines’ pitch and yaw systems and down tower electronics. Components we service include printed circuit boards, pitch drive systems (such as H-bridges and hub converters), IGBTs, PLCs, controls, AEBIs, proportional valves, pitch and yaw motors, encoders, slip rings, VRCC units, hydraulic pumps, servo motors, transducers and much more. In addition, our highly skilled engineers improve legacy design with newer, more reliable technology for problematic, unsalvageable and obsolete parts.

Extend the life of turbine parts and keep downtime to a minimum. Contact us now for a quote at 800-325-4774.