UK’s Best-Selling 100kW Turbine Now Backed by 10-Year Performance Guarantee


Northern Power Systems has announced its new wind turbines will be backed by its 10-Year Performance Guarantee Programme (PGP) in the United Kingdom.

The PGP will protect owners of the NPS 100, Britain’s best-selling 100 kW wind turbine, by ensuring 95 percent availability and 95 percent performance to power curve over 10 years. This is double the time of the current standard 5-year warranty available from most manufacturers in the British market.

The annual cost for the 10-Year PGP to the customer will be directly linked to annual power production and charged per kWh produced.

Under the program, both the owner and Northern Power Systems will benefit from turbines meeting and exceeding expected performance.

During the program NPS will be the sole service provider. Knowing that the wind turbine will produce maximum energy and return on investment, while offering the lowest total cost of ownership for the turbine’s 20-plus year life, provides peace of mind for the turbine owner.

Reinout Oussoren, Vice President Global Sales at Northern Power Systems commented “This type of performance guarantee programme is normally only seen with utility scale projects and is the first of its kind offered for wind turbines up to 100kW in Britain.”

Graham Hygate Managing Director at developer Fine Energy commented “Northern Power Systems’ 10-Year Performance Guarantee brings further financial stability for investors in wind energy.  By providing long term backing, we expect it to create opportunities for growth in the small wind market.”

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