Vaisala bolsters its global network

With its beginnings in orchards, this company has returned to its green roots by machining large parts for the wind-power industry.


Vaisala has signed a succession of new regional partnerships in response to rising global demand for its advanced wind measurement system, the Triton Wind Profiler. Additionally, as wind-farm owners and operators worldwide continue to expand their use of remote sensing in wind-industry applications, Vaisala has launched an improved observations platform that enables users to access their wind data from the same dashboard as Vaisala’s time series and energy forecasting tools.

Combined, these efforts provide Vaisala’s customers with the benefits of an unparalleled support network and improved management of their data, while laying the groundwork for further adoption of advanced remote sensing technology worldwide.


As Vaisala’s recent Remote Sensing Revolution highlights, the global wind industry increasingly uses remote sensing technology to guide decisions from site prospecting and resource assessment through to project optimization — providing more accurate data without long permitting delays and complex installations.

Maximizing the logistical and cost benefits afforded by remote sensing devices, however, requires access to fast and efficient local field support. In order to meet this requirement, over the past 12 months Vaisala has established or expanded regional partnerships with NERI in Japan; Jim Latimer GmbH & Co. KG, MM Pro Management Oy, and Windhunter in Europe; Marti Ltd. in Turkey; LOHO M&E Equipment Co. in China; and WISE in Australia. Each of these agreements will provide greater access to specialist servicing and technical advice for Triton users in these promising wind markets.

Getting maximum value out of a remote sensing measurement campaign also depends on the ability of the owner to effectively manage data collected by units on site and use this data to inform development and operational decisions. Users of Vaisala’s Triton may now monitor their units via a new online Observations platform.

Source: Vaisala

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