VelociWrapper gets patent for cable-wrapping machine


The VelociWrapperTM Company was recently awarded a patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office for its flagship product, the VelociWrapper, a cable-wrapping machine that increases speed and efficiency while reducing costs for wind- and solar-farm installations in the renewable-energy construction sector.

The less it costs to install wind and solar farms, the less it costs consumers, the more consumers will make the switch to clean energy, and the faster that greenhouse gas emissions can be reduced worldwide.

The International Energy Agency (IEA) predicted in 2012 that global solar energy generation would reach 550 TW/h by 2030.

That number was exceeded in 2018, illustrating that the growth of solar and wind energy has not been linear, but exponential.

“Due to the demand for our machine, we have already outgrown our first facility and are currently moving our manufacturing operations into a facility five times the size to accommodate the growth,” said Torrance Bistline, the founder and inventor of the VelociWrapper. “We have more patents and innovations in the works as well, which we will be unveiling soon.”

The VelociWrapper requires no motorized power to run. Once the cables are laid in the ground using the system, it contributes 5 to 8 percent more efficiency in the transfer of energy through to its destination, which also reduces heat and extends the life of the cable.

The VelociWrapper Company is based in Hildale, Utah. Founded in 2021, the company’s mission is to recognize and fulfill the need for high-quality custom equipment for the construction industry, focusing on the renewable energy sector. The name comes from its flagship product, the VelociWrapperTM, which is a patented triplexing machine that is 100 percent green, reduces installation time, and saves money for clean-energy installations.

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