Vestas introduces V120-2.0/2.2 MW turbine to China

With its beginnings in apple orchards, this company has returned to its green roots by machining large parts for the wind-power industry.


In response to customer demand for a turbine for low and ultra-low wind conditions, Vestas recently introduced the V120-2.0/2.2 MW turbine to the Chinese market as a build-up to China Wind Power 2017, the annual trade fair in China’s wind power industry. The V120-2.0/2.2 MW turbine combines Vestas’ industry-leading innovation with the

2 MW platform’s proven performance and will, for the Chinese market, be produced locally in Tianjin, offering leading annual energy production in low and ultra-low wind regimes. First deliveries are expected to start in the third quarter of 2018.

The V120-2.0/2.2 MW is Vestas’ 2 MW platform’s latest upgrade, adding among other things a 120-meter rotor made possible through innovative carbon technology that allows Vestas to increase blade length while keeping weight and loads down. The rotor has a 19 percent larger swept area compared to the V110-2.0 MW, but rotor weight only increases around 8 percent. The V120-2.0/2.2 MW realizes up to 13 percent increased annual energy production (AEP) performance in comparison with the V110-2.2 MW.


“Projects in China are increasingly moving to low and ultra-low wind areas in southeastern parts of the country, and the V120-2.0/2.2 MW turbine is specifically designed for such wind regimes,” said Vestas Group Senior Vice President and Vestas China President Kebao Yang. “To meet

customer demand and support the continued development of China’s wind-power industry, Vestas is offering its most advanced products to China. We are confident in the Chinese market and will continue to be a reliable and trustworthy partner of Chinese customers.”

“By further developing one of the industry’s most proven platforms and utilizing our innovative design and control capabilities, Vestas is able to bring an efficient and reliable low weight, high hub height wind turbine to the Chinese market,” said Anne Vedel, Vestas China vice president and head of technical sales management. “Combining this with Vestas’ strong siting capabilities, we are serving our customers with business case certainty for the full lifetime of their wind park.”

With more than 19,000 turbines installed across 45 countries on six continents since 2000, Vestas’ 2 MW platform is the most widely applied turbine in the history of wind energy. Since its introduction, the 2 MW platform’s Annual Energy Production has increased by 40 percent.

Vestas built China’s first wind-power plant in 1986 and has installed about 5.4 GW of wind capacity in more than 16 provinces across the country over the past 30 years.

Source: Vestas

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