Vineyard Wind proposes 1,200 MW of offshore


Vineyard Wind recently set offshore wind-project proposals called “Park City Wind” to the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) in response to their 2019 solicitation for offshore wind power. The bids submitted include a required 400 MW plan and options to develop projects that will generate 800 MW, 1,000 MW, and 1,200 MW.

“Vineyard Wind is pleased to submit a dynamic set of project proposals to deliver a reliable source of fixed, low-cost, zero-emission energy to Connecticut rate-payers, while supporting the state’s efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions,” said Lars Pedersen, CEO of Vineyard Wind. “Our Park City Wind proposal is much more than an energy project — it’s an opportunity for Connecticut to develop a world-class offshore wind industry in Bridgeport and solidify its role as a high value industry hub in the U.S. for years to come. Vineyard Wind looks forward to working with all stakeholders involved throughout the review process and will be announcing additional details about this exciting opportunity in the weeks ahead.”

Park City Wind, named after the City of Bridgeport, includes projects ranging from 408 MW to 1,200 MW that would be constructed in one of Vineyard Wind’s two federally designated lease areas (Lease Area OCS-A 0501 and Lease Area OCS-A 0522). Both lease areas are south of Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket in the midst of the strongest winds on the east coast and would not be visible from any shoreline in Connecticut.

Each Park City Wind option will bring substantial economic development and job creation benefits to Connecticut, providing hundreds of millions of dollars in economic activity and thousands of jobs particularly in and near Bridgeport. Beyond the immediate job and economic opportunities, Vineyard Wind has sought partnerships with a number of preeminent educational and workforce development organizations to ensure that Connecticut residents of all skill levels, ages, and backgrounds can have access to a tremendous opportunity in this 21st Century industry.

Vineyard Wind LLC is an offshore wind development company seeking to build the first large-scale offshore wind energy project in the U.S. 15 miles south of Martha’s Vineyard. Vineyard Wind, based in New Bedford, Massachusetts, is 50 percent owned by funds of Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP) and 50 percent by Avangrid Renewables.