Weidmuller introduces smallest crimping tool


Weidmuller USA, a provider of smart industrial connectivity and automation products and solutions, has developed and launched the PZ 2.5 S, the smallest professional crimping tool on the market for wire end ferrules.

In control cabinet construction, cables of the most diverse cross-sections are fitted with wire end ferrules. On average, 90 percent of these connections are in a cross-section range of AWG 14 (2.5 square millimeters) and smaller. A focus on this cross-section range makes the PZ 2.5 compact and ergonomic – the small handle width and the opening angle, as well as the weight, make the tool easy to use without incurring fatigue in the hand, wrist, or arm.

Weidmuller USA’s PZ 2.5 S is the smallest professional crimping tool on the market for wire end ferrules. (Courtesy: Weidmuller USA)

The PZ 2.5 tool features a length of 160mm with a small grip width so it can easily fit in the palm of the hand. Weighing about 10 ounces, this compact tool is light to carry around for ergonomic advantage.

The trapezoidal crimp in the cross-section range of AWG 26 to AWG 14 (0.14-2.5 square millimeters) complies with all current standards. The practical universal die prevents incorrect insertion and ensures error-free work. The focus on small cross-sections also reduces wear, leading to a doubling of the service life of the PZ 2.5.

“By focusing on small cross-sections, it was possible to keep the size, weight, opening width, and actuating force of the PZ 2.5 small, without compromising on crimp quality,” said Niklas Bode, business development manager for workplace solutions in Weidmuller USA’s Cabinet Products Division.

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