Siemens certifies Pfisterer’s Connex system


The Connex pluggable connection system from Pfisterer has been certified by Siemens Energy for use in 420 kV Clean Air switchgears. Clean Air is an environmentally friendly, non-polluting insulating medium as an alternative to the well-known insulating gas sulphur hexafluoride (SF6). Clean Air consists of natural components of ambient air, such as oxygen and nitrogen. The use of Clean Air is intended to help minimize the environmental effects of electrical switchgears.

Pfisterer’s Connex product family is the first pluggable connection technology for switchgear to be certified by Siemens Energy for 420 kV Clean Air applications. The socket forming the interface with the switchgear passed the dielectric type test with Clean Air according to IEC 62271- 203. The design of the socket was tested under increased pressure conditions, among other things.

Pfisterer is the first manufacturer to be certified for Clean Air switchgears. (Courtesy: Pfisterer)

“If electric power is generated in an environmentally friendly way, transmission and distribution must follow suit,” said Alejandro Escobin, head of product management HV cable accessories at Pfisterer. “Because our technology is used at the interfaces, it plays an important part in this. The successful testing confirms its reliability for Clean Air, which is an important step toward climate-friendly energy transmission.” “The pluggability of the Connex system allows it to be installed quickly and easily, with a minimal space requirement and maximum flexibility,” said key account manager Norbert Fink. “We are delighted that this technology will in future be contributing even more to improving sustainability.”

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