The correct tools in a wind technician’s arsenal can greatly enhance a safe work environment while maintaining joint integrity.

With operator safety at the forefront of all industrial operations across the globe, tooling manufacturers are presented with the opportunity to create equipment with unique, innovative safety features to service the demanding safety-conscious needs of the market.

Hands Free Bolting Back-Up Nut in operation. (Courtesy: HTL Group)

U.K.-headquartered OEM, HTL Group, is a long-serving innovator to the controlled bolting sector with its constant evolutions of Bolt Torque and Tension Equipment to overcome these daily challenges.

Dedicated Square Drive Torque Wrenches are an ideal solution for any torque applications within renewables, presenting a low-weight, yet high-strength, tool to get the job done while maintaining critical joint integrity, putting operator well-being foremost.

Safety features
The latest DSX Square Drive Torque Wrench range from HTL represents industry-first patented safety features, including an easy-to-use, quick release, retained reaction arm and reversible square drive, which remain connected to the tool while it is adjusted, as well as a working-at-height connection point.

Designed with both operator and job site safety at the forefront, the DSX can be a major contribution to preventing and reducing the number of dropped object incidents avoiding unnecessary costs and unscheduled downtime.

HTL DSX Dedicated Square Drive Torque Wrench. (Courtesy: HTL Group)

Another key consideration to develop safe bolting practices throughout the industry is the prevention of pinch point, crush, and other hand-related injuries. To combat this, hands-free bolting operations can be implemented with the use of the hands-free bolting range of safety accessories available from HTL.

Simple, yet innovative safety accessories used alongside hydraulic torque wrenches can help eliminate risk and potential hazardous situations when quickly and easily fitted to torque wrenches, providing a safe working environment and reducing injury-related absences, which come at an unbudgeted cost to businesses.

Speeding up the process
Included in the Hands-Free Bolting safety accessory range is the No-Flog® 2, which instantly improves operator safety by completely eliminating the requirement to use a flogging spanner as a backing tool. Quickly and easily removed, this accessory can save time and money by speeding up the bolting process with a non-sparking method.

The HTL DSX Dedicated Square Drive Torque Wrench can be a major contribution to preventing and reducing the number of dropped object incidents. (Courtesy: HTL Group)

Also part of the accessory range, the Back-Up Nut allows the operator to remove their hands from the danger zone by holding the tool remotely in place and preventing it from working loose during operation, totally eliminating the need to hold the tool when active.

To compensate for the misalignment of bolt holes in the wind sector, the Flange Alignment Pin can quickly and safely align flanges in place without the requirement for a hammer. The tapered end allows fast operation with only a 180-degree turn required to lock flanges, speeding up operations and preventing dropped objects with an in-built safety tether.

HTL Group’s culture is one of driving innovation to meet the highest quality and performance standards, understanding and endeavoring to continually bring safe solutions to market and improve safety standards within the industry.