Xodus, Daymark to team up on North America offshore wind


Global energy consultancy Xodus has signed a memorandum of understanding with Daymark Energy Advisors to collaborate on advancing the development and deployment of projects in the rapidly growing North American offshore wind industry.

The partnership is the first of its kind for the offshore wind consultancy market in North America. Daymark brings an integrated view of onshore energy infrastructure, regulation, and markets while Xodus is a leader in techno-commercial offshore wind development. Under the agreement’s terms, Xodus and Daymark will collaborate to answer questions from developers and state agencies as activity ramps up.

In combining strengths and expertise, the “surf-and-turf” offering will carve out a leadership presence in the offshore wind consulting market by providing understanding of the delivery of electricity from an offshore wind turbine through to the ratepayer. “Having gained a strong reputation for our work in architecting, developing, and supporting offshore renewables and energy transition projects around the world, we have now firmly established ourselves in the North American market,” said Stephen Swindell, Xodus’ managing director.

“We have a long track record of activities in the global offshore wind, oil and gas, cables, and interconnectors sectors. Both parties bring different — but complementary — knowledge and skillsets to the energy market and infrastructure project consultancy. We look forward to working with the Daymark team to bring additional and combined expertise to the market.”

“This is an exciting opportunity to combine our expertise — on land and at sea — to offer clients more complete solutions to the challenges they face and the questions they have about this growing industry,” said Marc D. Montalvo, Daymark president and CEO.

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