Ventus Group gets DNV certification


Ventus Engineering GmbH, supplier of end-to-end optimization solutions within the type approval envelope for excellence in wind-turbine performance, has been certified from DNV according to the standard DNV-SE-0439-2021-10 Certification of Condition Monitoring for Wind Turbines, for its Dynamic Relative Blade Pitch angle Misalignment (DRBPM) inspection service.

This innovative technology consists of a high-speed camera coupled with onsite image processing software that accurately and efficiently measures relative blade-pitch angle misalignment while the turbine is still in operation.

Ventus Group’s DNV certification comes as the company is experiencing a period of fast expansion on a global scale. (Courtesy: Ventus Group)

Just one degree of relative blade pitch angle misalignment between two blades could result in a 2-percent loss of power production and additional loads.

The cutting-edge Dynamic Blade Pitch Angle Measurement performed while the wind turbines are in operation enables Ventus to accurately see the relative blade pitch misalignment, and then, blade pitch angles can be adjusted to be within ±0.30 as required on the affected wind turbines.

Ventus offers this service on wind turbines for both onshore and offshore.

The DNV evaluation assessed and finally certified the overall method and procedure performed by Ventus for the accurate calculation of relative blade pitch angle misalignment between the wind-turbine blades with a review of the respective documentation material and field demonstration.

The DNV certification comes as Ventus Group experiences a period of fast expansion on a global scale. Headquartered in Austria, the company has a well-established presence in Europe and the U.K. In 2021, the company also entered the Indian market for the first time.

“The certification from DNV is a unique technological benchmark for the industry,” said Ventus Group CTO Poul-Anker Lübker. “It means our customers can put their trust in our top-level analysis methods and documented results.”

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