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Structural Adhesives for Wind Turbines

For certain applications, adhesives can work better than other fastening devices and technologies. Read on to learn how LORD has... Continue

Transforming Outages into Uptime

Is your wind turbine step-up transformer the weak link in the energy chain? Pacific Crest Transformers outlines what you need to know... Continue

Optimal Tower and Foundation Design

A new measure of wind tower scalability for greater hub heights and larger turbines, courtesy of the Tindall Corporation. Continue

2012 Hurricane Outlook: What Wind Operators Should Expect

Wind farm operators who have the right tools and an emergency plan that can be executed on very short notice will be able to weather... Continue



Thinking Outside the Gearbox

Even though gearbox design has improved over the years, failure can lead to significant downtime and revenue loss. Windera offers an... Continue

Automated Turbine Inspection

AutoCopter unmanned inspection devices are a new way to inspect wind turbines, increasing the number of daily inspections while... Continue

The Evolution of the Gearbox Oil Change

Sage Oil Vac system makes it easy to vacuum, drain, flush, rinse, and fill for complete uptower oil change. Continue

Minimizing Electrical Hazards

Taking the proper steps toward implementing your Electrical Safety Program to the site level. Continue



Laser Measurement for Tower Flanges

Speed, precision, and flexibility are provided by Status Quo’s cutting-edge array of laser instrumentation for measuring wind-tower... Continue

Calculating Micropitting for Wind Energy

Software by KISSsoft permits the reliable calculation of complex interrelations long before construction of a wind farm occurs,... Continue

Wind Turbine Blade Repair

Gurit’s new blade repair system uses ultraviolet light from specially designed equipment to achieve full cure in just a few minutes,... Continue

A Departure in Turbine Design

A new turbine design harvests more energy from lower wind speeds than traditional systems, proving that bigger isn’t necessarily... Continue



Tehachapi: Planned for Prosperity

One of the first U.S. sites to be developed for wind power, the Tehachapi region of California celebrates 30 years of successful... Continue

Portland’s Plan for Progress

A thriving wind-power industry isn’t just a matter of geography, with a healthy manufacturing base, a progressive business... Continue

The Evolution of Wind Training

No longer dependent on field experience alone, wind energy technician training is being conducted at cutting-edge facilities such as... Continue

Patenting the Winds of Innovation

Companies are racing to protect their wind turbine technology with new patents, helping protect the market positions of innovator... Continue



Company Profile: BS Rotor Technic U.S.A.

GL certification proves that this company’s blade inspection and repair services are second to none, and available to help keep your... Continue

Company Profile: Sapa Extrusions

A global leader in the production of extruded aluminum profiles, this company provides lightweight components to OEMs designing... Continue

Maintenance Profile: Air Sentry

Company offers contamination control breather filters with desiccant moisture material to provide first line of defense for gearboxes... Continue

Profile: C.C. Jensen A/S

For more than 50 years, filtration company C.C. Jensen has been battling oil’s natural enemy­­—contamination­—in an attempt... Continue




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