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Getting Smart about Wind and Demand Response

Smart grid technologies can help operators accommodate the incremental variability and uncertainty added by wind energy in a more... Continue

Clear Skies for Global Wind Activity

A worldwide survey of top executives in renewable energy conducted by VB/Research and KPMG indicates healthy, sustained growth in the... Continue

A Model for Offshore Innovation

As offshore development begins in the United States, Scotland’s position as a leader in deepwater wind farms stands as an ideal... Continue

The Importance of Oil-Resistant Cables

Sustaining trouble-free cable operation under harsh conditions reduces costly manufacturing downtime. Continue



Specialty Lubricants for Optimum Operation

As wind turbines grow more powerful, producing more energy, specialty lubricants are playing a more important role than ever before.... Continue

Increasing Productivity with Integrated Controls

Control solutions such as Rockwell Automation’s Integrated Architecture system help standardize safety, improve reliability, and... Continue

Monitoring Rotating Machinery

Keeping an eye on the health of your wind turbine rotating machinery via condition monitoring will help avoid costly downtime and... Continue

Oil Change Systems Designed for Safety & Efficiency

Down tower gearbox oil changes are designed with safety, efficiency, and containment in mind for efficient service and less downtime... Continue



Wind Drive Train Ride-Through  Performance

The permanent magnet synchronous generator, combined with a full power converter from The Switch, offers stellar fault ride-through... Continue

Laser Measurement for Tower Flanges

Speed, precision, and flexibility are provided by Status Quo’s cutting-edge array of laser instrumentation for measuring wind-tower... Continue

Automated Wind Blade Production

In this article, valuable material benefits that arise from wind blade automation are highlighted by the experts at PPG Industries. Continue

Individual Pitch Control and Its Impact

Larger wind turbines with longer rotor blades and higher tower structures are creating technical challenges for turbine designers, but... Continue



Near Term Power Prediction

While the variability of wind has become a challenge in the operation and management of wind turbines, data mining is an emerging... Continue

Rotor Blade Reliability

Component tests help reduce the uncertainties associated with scaling up from pure materials to working structures, especially... Continue

Seeking a Skilled Workforce

As the Boomers retire, how do we begin building the renewable energy workforce of the future? Early outreach is key, according to... Continue

Educating the Wind Energy Workforce

U.S. schools offer degree programs and certifications to produce highly trained personnel for wind energy industry employers. Continue



Company Profile: Global Energy Services

Strategically located in key renewable energy markets in the Americas, Europe, and North Africa, GES delivers service expertise to... Continue

Company Profile: Samuel, Son & Co., Limited

A company with long history as metals processor and distributor serves diverse needs of wind energy industry. Continue

Company Profile: Fluoramics, Inc.

Inventor Frank Reick — world record holder for the world’s “most efficient lubricant” — turned his love of tinkering into a... Continue

Company Profile: ­Torkworx, LP

Torkworx, LP offers a wide portfolio of torquing and tensioning products and solutions designed to specifically meet the individual... Continue




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