Axess wins floating wind platform contract


Axess Technologies has won a concept engineering study contract with Wind Catching Systems, a developer of floating offshore wind technology.

The scope of work entails an advanced handling system capable of efficiently replacing turbine blades and entire turbines, while also serving as a versatile work platform for inspection, maintenance and repair operations.

Conceptual design of the elevator platform by Wind Catching Systems. (Courtesy: Axess Technologies)

“Securing the project was a result of our vast practical experience in executing lifting operations, operating lifting appliances, and conducting maintenance, along with a comprehensive understanding of rules and regulations,” said Marte Vågen, Director – Products at Axess Technologies. “We are enthusiastic about leveraging our expertise in material handling to actualize this innovative and sustainable system for WCS. This comprehensive study aligns seamlessly with our strategy to enhance revenue streams from renewables, further solidifying our position as a key supplier of lifting solutions to the offshore wind industry,.”

Wind Catching Systems is an independent technology provider to the floating wind sector, aiming to create a product that maximizes power generation from a concentrated area. The Windcatcher is a highly scalable unit, based on mass-produced smaller turbines and at-sea replacement of individual turbines without the use of specialized ships or cranes. The result will be a concept with scaling potential, high acreage efficiency and drastically reduced operations and maintenance costs for floating wind.

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