3M™ Fall Protection Launches Trade-In, Trade-Up program


For safety professionals, keeping workers safe means providing them with effective, dependable equipment while staying compliant with changing safety standards and regulations.  For workers at height, 3M™ Fall Protection designs safety equipment to meet the strictest industry standards, as is the case with its DBI-SALA® and Protecta® fall protection products.  To help safety managers stay ahead of the curve with their safety equipment, 3M Fall Protection has launched the 3M Fall Protection Trade-in, Trade-up program. Workers and safety managers can trade-in qualifying fall protection equipment and trade-up for more than 170 products from the 3M Fall Protection line as well as receive cash rebates.

“No matter the current standard or safety requirement, workers must be free to start every work day with the peace of mind that comes from knowing they are protected with top-of-the-line equipment designed for their safety and comfort,” said Andrew P. Johnson, marketing manager for U.S. 3M Fall Protection. “The Trade-in, Trade-up program was created to help make the most current safety equipment even more accessible to workers. We want everyone to benefit from equipment that brings the latest safety technology to workers at height.”

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To participate, workers and safety managers start by identifying fall protection products they want to trade in or trade up, pick their new 3M Fall Protection products offered within the program, place an order with a 3M authorized distributor, and register their purchase at go.3M.com/FPtradein to initiate the rebate.

“For safety managers, a key incentive to participating is the option to trade in any brand of lanyard with non-3,600 pound gated hooks for 3M’s ANSI-rated 3,600 pound gated hooks,” said Ray Mann, technical services for 3M Fall Protection. “In January of this year, OSHA released a new regulation requiring gated hooks and carabiners to be proof tested to 3,600 pounds in all directions (1910.140(c)(8)). 3M Fall Protection snap hooks and carabiners comply with the requirements of this new OSHA regulation.” 

Source: 3M

For more information, go to go.3M.com/FPtradein.