ONYX Insight launches AI HUB for wind sector


ONYX Insight, a provider of predictive data analytics and engineering expertise to the global wind industry, has launched its AI HUB full-turbine predictive analytics platform, bringing disparate data streams together to streamline operations and maintenance decision-making while eliminating data silos.

While the wind industry is looking to ramp up its growth, previous generations’ software platforms are making the growth more difficult. Previous platforms can only handle one data source at a time, which causes site engineers to use separate platforms to manage large fleets.

The AI HUB platform connects engineering and site teams. (Courtesy: ONYX Insight)

Data is often held offline in inefficient spreadsheets, and the AI HUB centralizes critical data streams such as vibration, oil sensor and pitch bearing monitoring, allowing operators to benefit from advanced analytics using engineering-enhanced machine learning.

Operators are upgrading their approaches to O&M from turbine-by-turbine analysis to fleet-level strategic control. The AI HUB platform connects engineering and site teams, while automating labor-intensive yet unproductive data standardization and case management functions to free up resources.

“Wind-farm owners and operators are rising to the challenge of net zero admirably, but have found their ambitious digitalization strategies hampered by software solutions that are built for a smaller, less dynamic sector,” said Won Shin, global vice president of products,
ONYX Insight. “As wind scales, so does the ambition of industry stakeholders. We have created AI HUB to match that ambition.”

AI HUB has four new modules to integrate data from diverse wind assets:

  • Pitch Bearing Monitoring: Advanced analytics and online sensor solutions to detect early warning signs of impending pitch bearing failures.
  • Blade Drone Analytics: Drone agnostic blade analytic software for fleet-level blade defect analysis and repair management.
  • Case Management: More efficient workflows to bring all analytics into one place for better collaboration and communication.
  • Lost Energy Intel: Machine Learning powered SCADA analytics identifying issues causing the most lost energy and reliability problems.

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