Altitec rotor blade technician training receives DNV GL certification


Altitec, a leading blade repair and inspection specialist, has been issued with a Training System Certificate, after a successful assessment by DNV GL, the world’s largest resource of independent energy experts and certification body.

Certification of the Altitec Academy’s “Rotor Blade Repair and Inspection Training” course according to DNV GL guidelines for the certification of training in the wind-energy industry and DNV GL Rotor Blade Standards provides a stamp of approval to the Altitec course and reassures new technicians and employers alike that the training offered by the Altitec Academy provides technical and safety competency.

With more than 150 GW of total installed wind capacity in Europe alone, and as more wind farms come online around the world, blade damage will continue to be the most common cause of wind-turbine downtime. The significant economic opportunity this growth offers in the U.K. and Europe means that there is not only great scope for further job creation, but also a large number of positions already available that need to be filled. Only by equipping more technicians with the necessary skills will the demand for well-trained technicians on sites around the world be met.

Since 2010, Altitec technicians have provided regular inspections on more than 5,000 blades and 1,500 turbines throughout the U.K., Europe, and key emerging wind markets around the world. (Courtesy: Altitec)

Each year Altitec trains about 150 new blade inspection and repair technicians for a career in the wind industry at its dedicated training center in London. Each trainee needs to be confident that their newly acquired skills will be recognized across the industry, not only by Altitec.

Previously, the lack of a widely recognized qualification of blade repair standards was a key factor in dissuading job-seekers from entering the wind sector, resulting in a skills gap in the labour market.

Certification from DNV GL demonstrates the quality of the training technicians have received to employers across the world. The certification of the Altitec Academy means employers can be confident they are hiring well-trained technicians with the appropriate skillset.

“We are delighted to have received this certification from DNV GL, which reflects the high standard of training provided by the Altitec Academy,” said Tom Dyffort, managing director, Altitec Group. “Employers around the world can be confident of the competency of new technicians leaving the academy, whilst job-seekers looking to transition into the wind industry can be assured that they are receiving high quality training. Well-trained technicians are in demand right now, and the Altitec Academy offers a chance for many more to develop these skills and pursue a new career path.”

Source: Altitec

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