Altitec Seals International Blade Inspection Contract


Blade repair and inspection specialist Altitec has partnered with a leading manufacturer of onshore and offshore wind turbines to provide end of warranty (EOW) blade inspections and repairs in the U.K. and Australia, expanding the company’s global presence.

Under the terms of the contract, Altitec will provide EOW inspections at 100 sites throughout the U.K. In addition, Altitec technicians returned to Victoria, Australia, in October to carry out further EOW blade repairs, following the successful completion of an initial six-week tour in June.

Blade damage is the most common cause of downtime across the wind-energy sector, according to a recent report from renewable energy insurer, GCube, and EOW inspections and repairs are an essential part of ensuring long-term operational performance. The end of the warranty period is a crucial phase for both manufacturer and project owner, since it marks a transition where responsibility lies for technical issues experienced on site.

Any problems identified during EOW inspections are covered by equipment warranties and must therefore be resolved by the manufacturer, prior to the commencement of long-term service contracts. Detecting and repairing faults and routine damage at this stage helps to avoid project downtime and financial losses later in the project lifecycle.

At the projects in the UK and Australia, Altitec will make use of its considerable experience conducting specialist blade inspection and repair on wind farms throughout the world. Altitec’s inspections and thorough reporting will play a key part in helping the manufacturer fulfill its warranty obligations.  

Altitec is positioned to carry out this work as a trusted global service provider with enhanced logistical capabilities. The company, which is based out of London, benefits from strong contacts within the Australian market, and has partnered with a Melbourne-based distributor to secure the use of ActSafe Ascenders for efficient and environmentally friendly blade access. The use of powered rope ascenders allows Altitec’s trained rope access technicians to conduct up to 35 percent more work on average than without, significantly boosting the efficiency of the firm’s operations.

“Altitec’s unparalleled experience in blade repair and ability to draw on a well-established network of ActSafe partners was crucial to securing this contract,” said Tom Dyffort, managing director for Altitec Group. “The deal represents a first foray into the Australian market, and we’re looking forward to further expanding our global reach.” 

Source: Altitec

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