ArcVera Renewables hires industry expert Gordon Randall


ArcVera Renewables (ArcVera), an international consulting and technical services company specializing in wind and solar energy, recently announced the appointment of Gordon Randall as director of Project Analysis.

At ArcVera Renewables, Randall provides senior level oversight on client deliverables, with emphasis on developing and reviewing analysis methods, and participates in due diligence, energy assessment, and engineering reviews.

Gordon Randall will be director of Project Analysis at ArcVera Renewables. (Courtesy: ArcVera)

During his career in wind energy, which began in 2000, Randall has acquired vast expertise and experience working in multiple sectors, including finance, government, development, and manufacturing. Previously, Randall managed the wind-resource assessment team at Enel Green Power N.A., conducting analysis on internal projects as input to the firm’s investment decisions as well as due diligence and verification of third-party wind resources and energy assessments for potential M&A. At Enel, he also worked extensively with turbine technologies, spanning layout optimization, suitability analysis, and production performance improvement, in addition to assessment of repowering aging wind farms.  From 2000 to 2013, Randall worked at Det Norske Veritas, performing energy assessments, technical due diligence, research, and consulting services.

“Gordon has a rare combination of skills that every company in the space wants to have on the inside,” said John Bosche, president and principal engineer at ArcVera Renewables. “He has inherent aptitudes for detecting problems, deriving insights, and seeing the bigger picture, plus the know-how to share that vision effectively; we’re excited to welcome him.”

“Gordon also carries the gravitas of a recognized industry leader who is frequently featured as a speaker and moderator at wind industry conferences and events,” he said.

“Much of the renewable energy industry is slow-moving and bureaucratic, but ArcVera Renewables is an adaptable, forward-thinking organization,” Randall said. “One of the main draws for me is ArcVera’s ability to deliver results with speed, flexibility, and efficiency.”