Chevron Lubricants receives NOLs from MAN Energy Solutions


Following successful field testing, Chevron Marine Lubricants has been issued with two NOLs (No Objection Letters) from equipment manufacturer MAN Energy Solutions, for the use of three of its Taro® cylinder oils with their cylinder oil mixing system, ACOM.

“Receiving the NOLS from Man Energy Solutions demonstrates the impressive performance of our products in the field,” said said Ian Thurloway, Chevron Marine Lubricants Brand & Marketing Manager. “The Taro range of cylinder lubricants provides solutions for the varied range of engines, different fuels, and the increasingly complex operating requirements that we are faced with. It also highlights our continued strong working relationship with this leading OEM.”

Both sets of field tests were carried out on a 6S90ME-C8 MAN B&W two-stroke engine using MAN’s Automated Cylinder Oil Mixing (ACOM) system.

Chevron Marine Lubricants’ Taro® range of cylinder lubricants provide solutions for a range of engines, fuel types, and operating requirements. (Courtesy: Chevron Marine Lubricants)

The first NOL demonstrates the high performance of Taro Special HT Ultra, a 140BN product that has achieved impressive results helping combat cold corrosion in slow speed vessels burning high sulphur fuel and which Chevron Marine Lubricants was first to market with in 2017, blended with Taro Special HT LF, a 25BN lubricant ideal for low sulphur, distillate and alternative fuel types.

The second NOL allows for blending Taro Special HT 100 (100 BN) and Taro Special HT LF. These successful tests prove that the Taro range of cylinder lubricants can provide maximum flexibility for operators, as well as reliable service for vessels.

Chevron Marine Lubricants, a leading provider of marine products and services, continues to provide reliability and innovation for its customers, being among the first to market with both a 100 BN and 140BN cylinder lubricant, providing a range of cylinder oils suitable for the majority of two-stroke vessels and engine types, compatible with a wide sulphur range of fuels and most alternative bunker fuels.