Wednesday, January 20, 2021


T-Group, Inc.

T&R Electric Supply Company Inc.

Taos Wind Power, Inc.

Taylor Machine Works, Inc.

TDCI, Inc.

Team 1 Academy

Team Fishel

Team Industrial Services

Tech Environmental

Tech Products, Inc.

Tech Safety Lines

Technical DieCasting, Inc.


Tecnomagnete, Inc.

Tele-Fonika Cable Americas

Tempco Electric Heaters

Tencarva Machinery Company

Tensar International Corp.

Tentec, Ltd.

Terra Consulting Group, Ltd.

TES, Inc.

Tesmec U.S.A., Inc.

Test Equipment Distributors

Tetra Tech

Texas State Technical College

Texas Wind Energy Institute

The AIM Industrial Group

The Amarillo Economic Development Corp.

The Association for Manufacturing Technology

The Axiom Group

The Boldt Co.

The Chazen Cos.

The Dyson Corp.

The Grieve Corporation

The Gund Co. Canada LLC

The Okonite Co.

The Renaissance Group

The Riley Group, Inc.

The Rowland Co.

The SPE Group

The Switch Control & Converters

The Switch Controls and Converters

The Tagos Group LLC

The Timken Co.

The Timken Company

The Townsend Corporation

The Valley Group-a Nexans Co.

The Waggoners Trucking

The Woodworth Group

Thermion Metalizing Systems

Thermion, Inc.


Thomas & Betts

Thomas & Betts Steel Structures Division

Thomas & Betts-Utility Group

Thompson Dorfman Sweatman LLP

Threaded Fasteners, Inc.

Thru-Way Trailers

Tier Electronics

Tierra Right of Way Services

Tiltran Services, Inc.

Tim Kowalke

Titan Technologies International, Inc.

TMO Global Logistics

TMS Metalizing Systems, Ltd.

TNE International LLC

Toho Tenax America, Inc.

Tonkon Torp LLP

Toolink Engineering

TorcUP Industrial Bolting Tools

Tork Worx

TorqHoist, Inc.


Tower Logistics

Tower Systems, Inc.

Tower Tech Systems, Broadwind Energy

TPC Wire and Cable

TPI Composites, Inc.

Trachte, Inc.

Tractel, Inc.

Trans-United, Inc.


Transera International Logistics, Ltd.

Transformer Service, Inc.

TransGroup Worldwide Logistics

Transhield, Inc.

Translink, Inc.

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions

Trench Grader

Trenwa, Inc.

Tribco, Inc.


TriGlobal Energy LLC

Trintek Energy Consultants

Tristar Coatings, Ltd.

Troy Forge Company

Truck Crane Service

TSP Engineering Machinery Co.

TUF-TUG Products


Turn Energy Maintenance LLC

TurnaSure LLC

Turner Bros. LLC

Turris Corp.

TVIG, Inc.

TWR Lighting


Tyco Electronics Corp.