Compact optical design drives economical ice sensing solution


New Avionics Corporation has introduced a new compact ice sensor for use on wind power turbine nacelles and meteorological towers.

New Ice*Meister™Model 9734-SYSTEM is demonstrably the smallest, lightest, most-sensitive ice detector anywhere. Its low cost, simple operation, simple installation, minimal host requirements, and simple maintenance adds value to every size wind power turbine, onshore, offshore, remote, parking lots, etc.

The entire 9734 assembly with its mounting plate weighs only one pound. This makes it easy to carry and install. The sensor is a self-contained compact unit that works on 8-36 VDC, consumes only 2 watts, and conveniently embeds all its electronics inside its own housing.

In operation, the 9734 is a digital/optical, go/no-go ice sensor. It monitors the optical characteristics of whatever substance is in contact with the probe. Anytime it “sees” that liquid rain has turned to solid ice, the unit alerts its host system by closing its output relay contacts and energizing its indicator LED.

When the ice has disappeared, the device’s output relay contacts open, and its indicator LED is de-energized.

The ice sensor’s blue indicator LED is locally visible inside its clear plastic probe, which makes it easy to test and observe the sensor at arm’s length. Sensitivity is simple to adjust in the field. The only maintenance recommended is to clean the optical probe occasionally with isopropyl alcohol and a soft cotton swab.

The sensor is entirely optical. Other than the electrical contacts of its single-pole, single-throw output relay, the 9734 has no moving parts whatever. The housing measures a mere 2½ inches x 1¼ inch x 1 inch, and the probe extends an inch out from the housing. The 9734 is encased in a solid, waterproof housing, and  is robust against harmful elements—including UV.

The 9734 provides its own mounting plate that bolts to the top of any nacelle, and comes standard with 6 feet of lightweight blue cable. Custom-length cables are available as a factory option. Other options include a protective polycarbonate cage and a de-ice heater.

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