DistGen adopts turbine health platform Windscope


DistGen, an onshore wind energy independent power producer (IPP) based in the U.K., has adopted Windscope’s hardware-free platform designed to maximize wind turbine health and availability.

By bringing an advanced operations and maintenance (O&M) approach to its small-scale, distributed wind portfolio, DistGen has underscored its commitment to revolutionizing the onshore wind industry by making the most of older assets, propelling the transition from centralized fossil fuel generation to decentralized, sustainable energy solutions.

Distgen’s refurbished community-scale Vestas wind turbine in Brayton Mill, Cumbria. (Courtesy: DistGen)

DistGen operates as a small distributed operator, managing a fleet of community-owned wind turbines. For these assets, maintaining operational availability and an efficient O&M strategy is essential in terms of clean electricity generated and financial returns.

Windscope’s software platform adds a new dimension to DistGen’s operations, integrating with a number of technologies in-house, and allowing the operations team to take advantage of predictive maintenance approaches more commonly deployed for large-scale wind portfolios. The platform will enable DistGen to optimize its wind-turbine health and availability through real-time monitoring, condition-based maintenance, and data-driven insights.

“A key aspect of our mission is the refurbishment and operation of wind turbines that have surpassed their initial operational life,” said Darran Potter, operations director at DistGen. “This approach not only proves to be financially prudent but also significantly reduces the carbon footprint associated with manufacturing new turbines. There is little room for error in this industry — Windscope’s versatile platform allows us to leave even less room for error by efficiently managing our distributed portfolio, ensuring the longevity and reliability of our turbines.”

“Windscope is thrilled to provide DistGen with the advanced tools they need in their mission to democratize the ownership of generating assets and contribute to the growth of distributed renewable generation,” said Joe Donnelly, Windscope CEO. “Our technology is designed to empower operators of all sizes, and this partnership exemplifies how tools such as advanced turbine performance metrics and AI powered fault diagnosis can be applied to enhance the performance and extend the lifetime of onshore wind assets. AI powered monitoring, data integration, and predictive maintenance, implemented correctly, provides significant return on investment for megawatt to multi gigawatt-scale portfolios.”

Windscope’s scalable platform can be deployed by asset managers across large and technologically diverse portfolios; DistGen’s adoption of this tool sets the stage for a more resilient, sustainable, and locally impactful future in the onshore wind energy sector.

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