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Another Successful WINDPOWER Show


It may be the July issue of Wind Systems, but in my head, I’m still buzzing about AWEA’s recent WINDPOWER show in Anaheim, California, in May.

It was my first wind show, and I was so impressed by what I saw and by all the amazing people who I met from almost every facet of the industry.

It was also great to be able to put a face to a name (and an email) of all the awesome and friendly people I’ve gotten to know through their contributions to Wind Systems.

During the show, Wind Systems partnered with Snap-on Tools to give away three incredible toolboxes.

Each day during the show, Wind Systems held a raffle for the toolboxes, and judging by the crowds, it was a popular stop for the pre-lunch attendees.

Everett Kennedy, Andre Lamarre, and Ryan Bonner became the proud winners of the sturdy, fire-engine-red toolboxes. I think they were as excited to win as we were to give them away.

The show was a great success for AWEA and the industry, and many of the industry’s movers and shakers were on hand to express their support of wind and gave a glimpse into its future both here and abroad. In Crosswinds, you’ll find a summary of a few topics that were discussed.

But in the midst of the post-show excitement, take a look at what else you’ll find in our July issue:

The inFocus section hones in on towers, safety, and wires and cable. With those topics in mind, engineers from Exponent Inc. offer their insights on keeping aging turbines spinning and profitable.

In the matter of safety, we have a special Q&A with an FAA manager in which he discusses obstruction lighting.

And an expert with Helukabel talks about the advantages of aluminum vs. copper conductors and how to reduce cost through the electrical cable supply chain.

You’ll read all that and more, and it just proves that it’s an exciting time for wind. If I heard that once at WINDPOWER, I heard it a thousand times. And, you know what? I never got tired of it and neither should you.

Thanks for reading!