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WINDPOWER rocked the Windy City


I never got a chance to ask any AWEA official, but I would love to know how many times Chicago was called the Windy City during WINDPOWER 2018.

Another WINDPOWER show is in the books, and if the numbers of businesses on display and industry officials roaming the McCormick Convention Center were any indication, it was an amazing success.

My colleagues and I had a great time meeting all of you, both as I traveled from booth to booth and as you came by ours.

Of the people I talked to, if I haven’t been in touch yet, rest assured that I will be hitting you up for your insights and knowledge to share with our readers. And, of course, feel free to touch base with me if you have an interesting article you would like to discuss. That’s one of the reasons why I’m here and why I went to the show. (Chicago’s amazing culinary options were just a fringe benefit.)

Just like previous shows, Wind Systems partnered with Snap-on Tools to give away three incredible toolboxes.

Each day, Wind Systems held a raffle for the toolboxes, and judging by the crowds, it was a popular stop for the pre-lunch attendees.

Ryan Hunn of AkzoNobel, Dan Olson of GE Renewable Energy, and Angela Krcmar of Firetrace International became the proud winners of the sturdy, fire-engine-red toolboxes. I think they were as excited to win as we were to give them away.

The show was a great success for AWEA and the industry, and many of the industry’s movers and shakers were on hand to express their support of wind and give a glimpse into its future both here and abroad.

But in the midst of our post-show excitement, take a look at what else you’ll find in our June issue:

An article from Hansford Sensors talks about the need for vibration monitoring in turbines. We also have an article that looks at how tribology can help extend the service life of critical machinery.

And a submission from Bachmann electronic tackles the all-important subject of turbine security.

You’ll read all that and more, and it just proves that it’s an exciting time for wind. If I heard that once at WINDPOWER, I heard it a thousand times. Although, I may have heard “Windy City” more than that.

Thanks for reading!