Firetrace opens India, China facilities


Firetrace International, a provider of fire suppression technology across 35 countries on five continents, has opened facilities in India and China, bringing its fire safety support to those expanding renewable energy markets.

China is targeting 1,200 GW of wind and solar energy by the end of 2030, with a current capacity of 687 GW at the end of 2021, according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance.
India is targeting 500 GW of non-fossil power generation by the end of the decade with having 152.9 GW of renewable capacity installed in February 2022, generating the fourth-largest wind sector globally, Bloomberg NEF estimates.

Firetrace systems contain specialized gas or powder, designed for putting out fires, called suppression agents. (Courtesy: Firetrace)

Firetrace’s expansion means owners and operators will have improved access to the company’s fire suppression technology, which stands to protect assets, communities, and investments if or when fire occurs in renewable energy assets.

Fires, which for the wind sector, result in total destruction of a turbine 90 percent of the time, can cost up to $9 million in the most serious cases.

Firetrace’s new facility in India, which will also act as a fill station for fire suppression systems already installed in renewable plant infrastructure, is close to four national highways, the IGI Airport, and New Delhi.

The office will consist of a management team with 25-combined years of fire industry experience; 50-plus engineers; and 10 sales, technical, administration, and finance team members.

The Chinese hub is co-located in a facility with eight other companies all under Halma plc, Firetrace’s parent company. Their presence will enable Firetrace’s clients in the region to take advantage of engineering resources, supply chain, manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, and talent management to enable economies of scale.

While rare, fires not only harm asset operators financially, but they also harm the reputation and public opinion of the wind industry. And, as the sector continues its rapid growth, India, China, and their surrounding territories aren’t immune to these risks.

Operators need to look to fire-suppression systems, supported by in-country experts and local supply points like these new facilities in India and China, to stop this damage in its tracks if the renewable energy sector is to continue to grow at the current rate.

“We are delighted to have opened facilities in India and China, which are staffed with proven industry experts and years of experience. We are well placed to work with stakeholders as the wind industry in both regions rapidly scale up, to mitigate against the risk fire poses to wind turbines,” said Firetrace global sales manager Angela Krcmar.

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