GEV acquires height safety specialist Rigcom


GEV Wind Power, a wind-turbine repair and maintenance provider, recently acquired Australia-based Rigcom Group. Australia’s largest domestic independent service provider, RIGCOM, specializes in field deployed rotor blade maintenance, together with a range of height safety services. The current management team, led by Chairman Gary Flowers and CEO Michael Biddle, will continue to lead RIGCOM, supported by the existing team.

RIGCOM will operate with a global footprint across four continents and a field workforce in excess of 500 technicians. (Courtesy: GEV)

GEV provides high-value blade repair and maintenance services to wind-farm manufacturers and operators in the U.K., Europe and the U.S., operating both onshore and in complex offshore environments. With wind-turbine blades being susceptible to erosion and weather damage, which affects aerodynamic efficiency and reduces energy production (and sometimes stops the turbine operating altogether), GEV provides turnkey solutions to repair blades, reducing downtime and maximizing production.

The company has repaired and installed retrofit solutions to more than 5,000 turbines to date — and with turbines increasing in size and rotating faster, making them more prone to damage, GEV has a vital role to play in supporting the growth and resilience of the sector.

RIGCOM is the Australian ISP providing in-field rotor blade solutions, which is complementary to the existing GEV business. The organization will operate with a global footprint across four continents and a field workforce in excess of 500 technicians. The group will be able to deploy resources for blade-maintenance solutions and provide services to a client base that operates globally, ensuring alignment across all markets in key areas such as health and safety, quality, and project execution. “Over the last few years GEV has established itself as a global market-leader in wind-turbine blade repair and maintenance,” said David Fletcher, Group CEO of GEV.

“We are excited to be partnering with Gary, Michael, and the RIGCOM team, as we look to lead the consolidation in our sector and provide clients with a consistent and reliable globally delivered solution. We’re also looking forward to learning more about RIGCOM’s wider expertise in the at height safety market and supporting the growth in this business by leveraging GEV’s global footprint.”

“Our enhanced ability to deliver global blade repair knowledge, coupled with dedicated local services and support, will ensure our customers get the very best outcomes for their projects,” said Michael Biddle, RIGCOM CEO. “The ability to leverage our height safety expertise further into the wind sector will also provide clients with world class statutory inspection capabilities and solutions to common height safety problems.”

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