ACoS Condition Monitoring System Reduces Cost of Energy

Bosch Rexroth teams with DMTto develop advanced holistic monitoring system


Cost of energy (CoE) is the key measure of wind turbine efficiency, as well as being a top priority for turbine operators. Condition monitoring systems make an important contribution in this regard, enabling condition-oriented maintenance to reduce operating costs, and therefore the CoE, in a sustainable manner. ACoS, the Advanced Condition Monitoring System from Rexroth, is a world first, combining condition monitoring for all components in the power train of a wind turbine and intelligently networking measurement data from different sensors. A standardized operating interface for all sub-systems speeds up the analysis process and reduces the need for training.

Building on many years of experience with the BLADEcontrol rotor blade monitoring system, Bosch Rexroth AG has now joined forces with technology company DMT GmbH & Co. KG to develop the holistic ACoS condition monitoring system. The system combines monitoring for all relevant function groups by means of a standardized and continuous connection to a control desk, thereby reducing the need for hardware. By synchronizing the data measurement process, the detection sensitivity and data quality are also increased.

The universal system philosophy enables easier operation while simultaneously increasing the efficiency and transparency of the monitoring process, allowing a considerably greater number of turbines to be covered by each monitoring expert. The system reduces turbine monitoring costs, while also improving the ability to plan for maintenance operations.

Operators of onshore and offshore wind turbines are thereby able to reduce their CoE on a long-term basis over the entire service life of the turbine.

Proven measurement and analysis strategies are combined to form a holistic monitoring strategy on an open platform composed of individual function modules. All measurements are synchronized with each other. By combining monitoring of the rotor and power train, abnormalities on one component can be checked and verified by means of cross-comparison with the measurement data of the other component.

In addition to holistic turbine monitoring, ACoS includes GL-certified ice detection on the rotor blades. This option eliminates on-site inspections of wind turbines to ensure that they are free of ice, allowing the turbine to be restarted safely and promptly once the ice is no longer present.