Goldwind reaches 5-MW milestone


Goldwind Science and Technology has completed the installation and grid connection of its GW 5S Smart Wind Turbine test unit, marking a milestone in Goldwind’s evolution of high-performance and large-megawatt (MW) permanent magnet direct-drive (PMDD) onshore wind turbines.

Goldwind’s PMDD onshore GW 5S smart wind turbine features a 165-meter rotor diameter and hub heights that can range from 100 to 130 meters. (Courtesy: Goldwind)

“Goldwind has a methodical and calculated method to its development and release of wind turbines and other clean energy technologies,” said Goldwind president Cao Zhigang. “The GW 5S wind turbine is our most powerful onshore turbine to-date that takes into account global wind market requirements, customer direction, and extensive research and development — further marking it as a top-rated turbine among Goldwind’s already impressive suite of mature PMDD turbine platforms.”

The GW 5S platform has a structured design rooted in Goldwind’s PMDD turbine technology and incorporates attributes from its predecessors, the GW 3S and 4S, including expandable capacity, high power generation, high reliability, intelligent control systems, and grid-friendliness.

“Goldwind’s 5-MW turbine underscores our technological depth and ability to bring trusted products and services to our customers and their projects,” said Wu Kai, vice president of Goldwind and general manager of Goldwind International Holdings.

The GW 5S made its initial debut at the 2020 China Wind Power (CWP) conference. The test unit was installed in China in late July 2021 and was grid connected in mid-August. It will now undergo a series of testings.

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