Hansford Sensors debuts compact triaxial vibration monitor


Hansford Sensors, a leading designer, developer, and manufacturer of high performance industrial accelerometers, has launched a compact and lightweight 100m/Vg triaxial vibration sensor.

Called the HS-173, the new accelerometer is a side-entry device can be used in both online and offline applications and has been introduced to enable OEMs, vibration analysts, and end users to measure vibration in three axes simultaneously. This makes it ideal for use across a range of industries.

The HS-173 accelerometer. (Courtesy: Hansford Sensors)

With an operating sensitivity of 100mV/g and a transverse sensitivity of less than 5 percent, the HS-173 is one of the most compact triaxial accelerometers on the market and ensures measurement time can be reduced due to the simultaneous reading of three axes. This, combined with its excellent frequency response of 6 Hz to 6 kHz, makes it ideal for monitoring vibration in a variety of machines, from fans, motors, pumps, compressors and gearboxes, to conveyors, process equipment, and spindles on machine tools.

The HS-173 is a robust and reliable industrial accelerometer, weighing just 250 grams, protected by a stainless steel casing that is sealed to IP67, and capable of operating at temperatures ranging from -55 to 140 degrees C. Installation is quick and simple, via a standard M12 connector, either temporarily for offline data monitoring with a handheld data collector or online as part of an integrated condition monitoring system.

The HS-173 forms part of Hansford Sensors’ extensive range of industrial accelerometers, which includes 4-20mA, AC and AC/Velocity sensors, vibration modules, enclosures, switch boxes, and cables and connectors.

Source: Hansford Sensors

For more information, go to  www.hansfordsensors.com/us/