Ultrasonic Wind Sensor Is Alternative to Conventional Sensors


The WindSonic 75 is a genuine low cost alternative to conventional cup and vane or propeller wind sensors, with all of the advantages of solid-state ultrasonic technology. With no moving parts to jam, break, or wear out, this ultrasonic wind sensor is ideal for use in harsh weather conditions.

WindSonic 75 is a 2-axis ultrasonic wind sensor, providing wind speed and direction data via one serial or two analog outputs. To confirm correct operation, wind-sensor outputs are transmitted together with an instrumentation status code.

WindSonic has been designed as a lightweight (0.5 kilograms) and robust ultrasonic wind sensor with a corrosion-free polycarbonate construction. With a true solid-state construction, WindSonic can be operated in harsh environmental conditions without fear of damage often associated with fragile cup or propeller wind sensors.

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WindSonic 75 is suitable for a wide range of wind-monitoring applications, particularly for marine and offshore (ships, data buoys) and land-based installations. With a corrosion-free exterior and no moving parts, the ultrasonic wind sensor eliminates the need for expensive on-site maintenance, particularly in remote locations where access is difficult. 

Source: Dynamax

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