HUVRdata and EdgeData Announce Collaboration to Optimize Aerial Wind Inspections


Two leading companies in aerial wind inspection services — HUVRdata, based in Austin, Texas, and EdgeData based in Grand Forks, North Dakota — recently announced a collaboration to deliver a suite of wind industry data intelligence tools and credential processes to optimize the use of this technology within the wind industry. The collaboration will leverage multiple points of synergy between the two companies, including HUVRdata’s data capture capabilities and cloud-based services and EdgeData’s BladeEdge analytics software for automated blade condition assessment.

“With our shared commitments to accuracy, security, and continuous innovation, EdgeData and HUVRdata make natural partners,” said Lonnie Bloomquist, CEO of EdgeData.  

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The scope of the collaboration spans data capture, software analytics tools, data handling, and reporting. HUVRdata, which holds a 333 exemption for wind turbine inspections and is the first company to be credentialed by the National UAS Credentialing Program, will be added as an EdgeData unmanned service provider (USP) to provide safe, reliable turbine inspection data.

“Our collaboration will allow the industry to accelerate the adoption of unmanned aircraft systems [UAS] within O&M operations and provide the most robust analytics and cloud-based services to lower annual operating expenses,” said Bob Baughman, CEO of HUVRdata.

The companies will work together to accelerate software performance, deliver enterprise-grade cloud-based and on-site data storage, and optimize reporting tools to serve the needs of different organizational roles, from wind farm technician to vice president of operations.

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“This partnership will give wind professionals more powerful tools for delivering rate of interest [ROI] with an unprecedented range and depth of data collection, analytics, and reporting capabilities,” said Chris Shroyer, president of EdgeData. “It is about the data and the associated intelligence. This is the future of the wind industry.” 

Source: HUVRdata

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