HV Cast Resin Joints Rated to 170 kV for Pluggable Cable Connections


Pfisterer has expanded its line of gas-free joints with the dry, pluggable Connex size 6 cast resin joint. The new cable connection for voltages of up to 170 kV is quick and easy to install, which is why it is particularly well suited to offshore assembly operations on ocean platforms and is compatible with versatile emergency mobile transformers. Different cable cross-sections and materials can also be combined. Pfisterer’s new cast resin joints are being used in offshore projects in the North Sea and for newly developed emergency mobile transformers in the U.S.

Connection joints made from cast resin fitted with the pluggable Connex connection system from Pfisterer are solid insulated and facilitate easy handling at the place of installation, without requiring any gas or oil work. This, in turn, makes it possible to quickly and easily install the equipment. With the Connex cast resin joint in the new available size 6, convenient installation is also possible in the HV range up to 170 kV. The cable joint can even be temporarily installed in test centers or used as an interim solution during line construction. For permanent installations, the joint is preferably fitted where cables not only can be connected quickly and safely, but also in a space-saving manner. This is the case with converter stations for wind farms in the North Sea as well as with mobile power transformers.

Predestined for Offshore

Space is tighter in converter stations in the open water than in corresponding substations on land. This is why the compact construction of cast resin joints is a significant factor when it comes to offshore platform installations. The solid insulated, touch-proof Connex joints allow cable systems to be implemented in much tighter areas than with SF6 joints. Connex joints are also resistant to salt water and UV radiation, are submersible, require zero maintenance and are certified for offshore applications by the DNV GL classification body. An installed longitudinal water barrier prevents any water ingress that could be caused by a cable fault.

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Versatile Combinations

The size 6 Connex cast resin joint can connect cables of different diameters in a single joint. Various conductor materials such as aluminum and copper as well as rigid and flexible cables also can be connected. The connection joints likewise comply with international standard norm IEC 60840 for high-current cables. A voltage tap has been integrated as an additional component. Together with permanently installed voltage testers, this tap makes it possible to check voltage levels at a safe distance as well as facilitates additional testing opportunities.

With the new size 6, Pfisterer offers gas-free, dry, and pluggable cast resin joints for voltage ranges from 36 to 170 kV. Tap-off joints (T-joints) are planned for the next development step so that multiple cables can be simultaneously connected. 

Source: Pfisterer

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