Siemens introduces circuit breaker for renewable market


Siemens recently introduced the type SDV-R™ non-arc-resistant and type SDV-R-AR™ arc-resistant medium-voltage outdoor distribution circuit breakers designed specifically for renewable energy applications, such as wind-power generation. These newest members of the long-standing and highly reliable Siemens SDV distribution circuit breaker family now provide fast switching to ground — ultimately saving money and space through an environmentally friendly solution.

The integral fast-acting grounding switch, which is mechanically interlocked with the SDV-R circuit breakers, helps limit transient voltage excursions (inherent to collection systems) to very low levels during switching operations. This feature offers wind-power producers an alternative to large, expensive grounding transformers with cable connections that take up significant space and pose environmental risks associated with oil leaks.

To provide additional personal protection in the event of an internal arcing fault, the SDV-R-AR circuit breakers have been qualified to carry a type 2B accessibility rating in accordance with the latest ANSI/IEEE C37.20.7 standard. This is the same qualification approach implemented in the innovative type SDV7-AR circuit breakers for the purpose of providing enhanced personal protection.

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