ICM Mini Climber Designed to Get into Tight Places


ICM has announced the introduction of its Mini Climber 2017. It is approximately one-third the size of the Standard ICM Climbing robot.

It will primarily be used where a much smaller climbing device is desired. Such applications could involve tight access areas in power plants, ships, or other industrial or commercial applications.

“There are times when a smaller robot is needed,” said Sam Maggio, president of ICM. “The Mini Climber 2017 is designed to address those times.”

The Mini Climber was designed originally to go into tight places inside nuclear submarines.

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Yet, since its first project, other uses in nuclear power plants and in the petrochemical industry have arisen that are suited for the smaller size of the ICM Mini Climber. Versus the Standard ICM Climber, the Mini Climber is also about half the weight.

ICM had developed a superstructure that will be useful for the integration of virtually any sensor, tool, or camera. Some integrations for the Mini Climber could include: vacuum grit blasting nozzle, mechanical grinder, laser, almost any non-destructive testing sensor, and virtually any camera.

“We are excited about the introduction of this compact and light weight Mini Climber 2017 to the regular line-up of offerings from our company,” Maggio said. “Our mission is to change how elevated height work and dangerous work is performed. The Mini Climber will be instrumental in helping us achieve this mission.” 

Source: ICM

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