Inox Wind licenses AMSC’s 3-MW class wind-turbine design


AMSC, a global energy solutions provider serving wind and power grid industry leaders, recently announced that it entered into an exclusive license agreement for a 3-MW class wind turbine design in India with Inox Wind Limited.

Under the terms of the license agreement, AMSC and Inox have agreed that AMSC will be the exclusive supplier of electric control systems (ECS) for Inox’s 3-MW class wind turbine. The terms and conditions of the ECS will be set forth in a separate ECS supply agreement between the parties.

“Inox was among the first manufacturers to produce 2-MW turbines locally, in volume, and quickly established a leadership position in the market based on performance and cost,” said Devansh Jain, director of Inox Wind Limited. “Leveraging our vertical approach, which combines best-in-class manufacturing with project development, the production of larger, more efficient 3-MW class turbines will give us the means to augment our market leadership. We remain committed to helping India bridge its power gap with high-performance wind turbines.”

“This license agreement opens up the next chapter in our collaboration with Inox,” said Daniel P. McGahn, chairman, president, and CEO of AMSC. “Our 3-MW turbine design extends Inox’s product line of 2-MW turbines to include 3-MW class turbines and enables the possibility of market expansion. We believe this will place Inox in a strategically competitive position.”

AMSC’s 3-MW class wind turbine design is required to be certified as having a 3-MW power rating (according to GL2010 onshore guidelines). AMSC’s 3-MW class wind turbine may operate up to 3.3 MW under certain grid conditions and certain ambient temperature conditions.